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Our partner research program CDRmare

While CDRterra is researching landbased CO₂ removal methods, CDRmare will investigate whether and to what extent the ocean can play a significant role in the removal and storage of CO₂ from the atmosphere. It will also consider the linkages with and impacts on the marine environment, Earth system, and society, as well as appropriate approaches for monitoring, attributing, and accounting for marine carbon storage in a changing environment.

The focus is on the following methods:

• AIMS3: Alternate scenarios, Innovative technologies, and Monitoring approaches for Sub-Seabed Storage of carbon dioxide
• GEOSTOR: Submarine Carbon Dioxide Storage in Geological Formations of the German North Sea
• RETAKE: CO2 removal by alkalinity enhancement: potential, benefits and risks
• Sea4soCiety: Searching for solutions for carbon-sequestration in coastal ecosystems
• Test-ArtUp: Road testing ocean artificial upwelling

The synthesis of the current state of knowledge and the development of an assessment framework for marine CO2 removal and storage methods takes place in the research consortium ASMASYS.

CDrmare will establish relevant assessment criteria and, in the long term, a Marine Carbon Roadmap for the sustainable use of marine carbon storage at regional to global scales, in close dialogue with stakeholders.

CDRmare is also funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The CDRSynTra synthesis project forms the central interface between the two research programs CDRterra and CDRmare and brings together the results from all projects.

Contact person: Dr. Christiane Schelten / GEOMAR

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