2. Auflage Klimawandel in Deutschland

What impact will climate change have on the economy and society in Germany? How can the consequences of climate change be mitigated? And how can we prepare for them? The second edition of the free Springer reference book “Climate Change in Germany” summarises the current state of research on global warming. It was written with the participation of numerous CDRterra scientists.

The open access book comprehensively presents the current state of research on climate change for all subject areas and social sectors. The 165 authors from German-speaking countries include numerous CDRterra researchers such as Julia Pongratz, Andreas Oschlies, Diana Rechid, Stefan Schäfer and Daniela Thrän. In addition to future changes, weather disasters and possible adaptation strategies, this edition also addresses mitigation and zero-emission strategies.

The book offers information and options for action for experts from all disciplines who have to react to climate change in the course of their professional activities – for example from public administration, politics or business.