CO₂ removal on land – an overview


What options do we have on land to remove carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere? How do these methods work and why do we need them to achieve our climate targets? Our factsheet ‘Carbon dioxide removal methods on land’ in German language provides a comprehensive and scientifically sound overview with plenty of background knowledge and numerous infographics – for political decision-makers, industry representatives, journalists and other interested parties.

Download the factsheet ‘Kohlendioxidverfahren an Land’ (PDF, 2 MB)

The factsheet on zenodo

CDR-Methoden Grafik: Björn Maier nach einer Vorlage aus IPCC, AR6 WGIII-Bericht, Kapitel 12.
Overview of known CDR methods. All those explained in the factsheet and researched in CDRterra are highlighted in green.