29.11.2022Certification of CDR

Statement on the European Commission's "Certification of carbon removals" initiative

Bayrischer Wald

The European Commission wants to create a legal framework for the certification of carbon removal methods. Today, Frans Timmermanns, the European Commission Vice-President in charge of the EuropeaGreeDeal, presents the proposal for a Europe-wide regulation. CDRterra has already published a statement on the initiative in advance.

We support the initiative of the EU to develop a regulatory framework for carbon removals. It is a central element for a concise baseline and reliable Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV). To be applied effectively, the framework should look closely on positive and negative effects of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) in relation to sustainability and biodiversity goals.

Furthermore it should separate measures of emission reduction and negative emissions to avoid greenwashing.

It is key to put instruments and policy ensemble in place that pull every method forward from its current state of readiness. We cannot afford an either-or limiting approach but need an urgent competition based on transparent expectations.

See full statement from CDRterra on the European Commission’s “Certification of carbon removals” initiative